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Due to my apprenticeship with an emphasis on design, 18+ years of professional experience working as employee or self-employed and the study of media computer science at the university of applied sciences RheinMain I can build the bridge between design and technology, conception and realization and can contribute profound professional know-how to the creation of complex web-based applications.

As a CTO I see my role as the Developer Happiness Advocate and try to establish trust and craftsmanship in organizations.

In 2016 I joined as their CTO where I help organizations to transform themselves into an entrepreneurial network.

The rest of 2015 I worked at as their Chief Technical Officer. Fintura is a team of experts with a background in banking, risk assessment, IT- and product-development which is passionate about their vision: finding the best loans for small and medium businesses.

From April 2014 to March 2015 I worked as the Chief Technical Officer for . dotHIV is a non-profit organization which aims to raise awareness and funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS by establishing the new top level domain hiv. Although dotHIV is a Berlin-based startup I have my workplace at - Frankfurt's only real coworking space.

Until march 2014 I used to work as on a freelance basis for agencies and SMEs where I was responsible for the conception and realization of complex web-based applications and also for technical project management.

In 2012 I graduated in media computer science (B.Sc.) and received the grade 15 (ECTS grade A) My bachelor-thesis about Conception and design of an application for the management of text for information and communication media (German abstract) received the grade 1.0.

If I have some spare time on my hands I take pictures. I like to cook and even more to go on vacation. Basically, I am interested in everything which can be sculptured by bits and happens „under the hood“ of web applications. I am also totally into Usergroups-you'll meet meet regularly at the Softwerkskammer, the PHP- and Agile usergroups and many more events in the Rhein-Main area.
In March 2013 I initiated the -a recurring event which will bring together likeminded people from all creative industries in the city to connect. I am also part of the team that organizes the .


I blog at blog.cto.hiv about leadership and software craftsmanship.


I am available for speaking engagements! Just contact me if you feel I can contribute to your event or conference.







Markus Tacker
Media Computer Scientist (B.Sc.)

Channeler of Technological Obscurities (CTO)

+49 (0) 1 52 54 96 57 05

I cowork at
Berger Str. 175
60385 Frankfurt

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Private E-mail
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